New Hospitality Job Marketplace – Inploi

Inploi is a jobs marketplace for the hospitality sector in which talented job seekers can find and apply for roles posted by a community of trusted employers. Available on mobile (iOS & Android) and web, the Inploi platform seamlessly connects a network of people seeking full-time careers, part-time work or short-term shifts with employers looking for staff.

During their time at university, Inploi’s co-founders, Matthew de la Hey and Alexander Hanson-Smith, found it difficult to find work opportunities in the hospitality sector for the holidays – handing out CVs to places where roles had already been filled, waiting weeks for agency training days or simply never hearing back from recruiters. Prompted to look into the industry, they realised that employers were also spending too much time and money hiring the people they need. Thus began their entrepreneurial journey.

Matt and Alex subsequently developed Inploi to provide an end-to-end solution for job seekers and employers to seamlessly interact, communicate and transact, aligned to current and future trends in the world of work.

Inploi’s features have been developed to give employees greater control over their working lives and to make it for easier and cheaper for employers to find staff. Inploi is free to job seekers, who are able to access a catalogue of open shifts and positions, filtered by their own working preferences: when they want to work, what type of work they want to do, how far away they’re able to travel.

Equally, employers can post jobs quickly and easily via the Inploi platform, either via the web portal or on the Inploi iOS or Android app. Inploi provides two listing options: ‘QuickShift’ is for short-term needs (from one shift to five days), with candidates being paid instantly and cashlessly; ‘JobMatch’ is for long-term and full-time roles, with workers added to the employer’s payroll.

The recruitment tech space is crowded, with the vast majority of players looking at optimising the job search for mobile. Inploi provides users with a platform on which to build a new way of working, including transferable virtual resumés, live chat, instant short-term payment, mutual feedback and accessible training opportunities. Inploi does more than provide one-off recruitment assistance, it supports repeated opportunities for recruiters and job seekers to connect and create sustainable working relationships.

Inploi is currently operating in London with leading employers such as Bill’s, Deliveroo, Daylesford and Crussh already committed to using the platform alongside eminent UK restaurant chains such as Bone Daddies, Aubaine and Corbin & King. Inploi will be expanding to other UK urban centres in early 2017.

Matthew de la Hey & Alexander Hanson-Smith

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